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Icarus flies too close to the sun and burns his wings.
Rotoscope in progress. I’d like to finish some shots I didn’t have time to add, draw more in-betweens, add backgrounds, finish animating other characters and perhaps add some simple colour. And fix the shaky camera… sheesh.
After all that I’ll call it a real ‘demo reel’ piece, but for now it’s good for what it is.
I am not going to elaborate on all the things that went wrong with this. I’m still proud of what I accomplished in 5 days.
The more challenging part was figuring out the wings, since the actor had two, stiff wing-like panels. It was fun, though.
The beings surrounding him are not meant to be human but they’re for now as a place holder for the designs I made. Will add them once I have time to fix this animation.
I can’t wait to have some extra time to finish this.

Reference from Cirque Du Soleil: Varekai
Audio from Journey: I Was Born for This

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    This is AWESOME!!! Animation is doing good so far. It’s great to see something Cirque animated. I feel like doing it...
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    Can’t wait to see this finished. Beautiful so far!
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    This is amazing. Great job!!!! Also one of the best sequences from the show.
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    my class mate’s rotoscope proj it’s p darn good!!
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    This is lovely ♥ It’s a really good demo and I wish we’ll see more of it!
  14. luleiya said: Icaruuuus! <3 Wow, this already looks so pro, Ele, great job!! And you chose my top fav scene from Cirque du Soléil! ;w;
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